From the 27th of June onwards, I-Box Create S.L. and SGS have implemented the pilot training of the #Crane40 project financed by the European Union. We were kindly assisted and hosted by Grúas Rigar in their facilities in Valencia.

The trainees who attended the course evaluated the materials developed and gave us further inspiration for future improvements! The pilot sessions are a pivotal step for the project’s successful finalisation. The 15 trainers who participated in the blended training were asked to fill in:

  • a satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the training, and
  • a questionnaire that evaluates their competencies both before and after the end of the training.

The results and feedback from these questionnaires are still under analysis but we can definitely confirm that trainees were excited to go through the VR learning scenarios.

We are really proud to keep working on this project and to collaborate with our partner Grúas Rigar 🤝🏼