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I-Box Create was awarded in September 2015 with EU funding to participate in the CRAYONs project “CReativity in Action to promote YOung eNtrepreneurShip” together with other 5 partners: Florida Universitaria (Es), NCDIEL (FYRM), University of Thessaly (Gr), Stiching PRIME (Nl) and Centrul de Incubare Creativ Inovativ de Afaceri (Ro).
The main objective is the development of a didactic materials to promote the entrepreneurial character to University students. From this reading, one could think that is another “typical” entrepreneurship project, but not at all! The methodology integrates new methodologies:
• Creativity: using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® gamification techniques
• Motivation 3.0: recent theory widely used in the US whose objective is to foster entrepreneurial skills through the intrinsic stimuli, basing the motivation on three pillars which are autonomy, mastery and purpose
• Social responsibility and entrepreneurship
• Innovation and Internationalization
It is envisaged to test the training materials in an INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAMME and at international level, having the opportunity of a virtual mentoring of business ideas generated by students during the project. At the end of the project, there will be a free MOOC available. Keep on touch with @crayonsproject
After 10 months work, the pilot testing of the LSP modul has been tested in Skopje (FYRM) with great succes! you can check more pictures in the Facebook page
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