ERASMUS+ is a European Union program that aims to promote education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The DIGISETS project is an ERASMUS+ funded project that focuses on the development of digital skills for the European population. DIGISETS is a collaborative project involving different European countries and educational organizations.

In the retail and tourism sectors, training in digital skills is increasingly important due to the increasing digitization of the economy and society.

In the retail sector, companies are increasingly adopting digital technologies to improve their operations, such as process automation, data analysis and personalization of customer service. This means that workers in this sector must be trained to effectively use these technologies and understand how to apply them in their daily work.

In the tourism sector, digitization is changing the way travelers plan and book their trips, and is creating new opportunities for tourism service providers. For example, online booking platforms are revolutionizing the way travelers find and book accommodation, while mobile apps are changing the way travelers experience their destinations. Workers in this sector must be trained to use these technologies effectively to enhance the customer experience and increase the efficiency of their operations.

In summary, training in digital skills is essential to ensure that workers in the retail and tourism sectors are prepared for the demands of the market and are competitive in a constantly evolving digital environment. And this is the basis of the DIGISETS project!

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