We have developed the latest activities of this CRANE40 project that has immersed us in virtual reality applications for the professional training of crane drivers. Throughout the project, a Curriculum Manual, a Didactic Manual and all the necessary training material have been developed. But without a doubt, the highlight is the development of the APP to carry out the training with virtual reality. This can be downloaded for free here.

In order to ‘disclose all the material developed, a Multiplier Event was held at the SGS facilities and together with them more than 30 professionals came to know the details of the results of CRANE 4.0, as well as to test what it is like to use the VR glasses and carry out a training activity to be a crane operator.

Finally, IBOX participated in online mode in the last TPM of the project held in Venice on October 6, 2022. The following day the Multiplier Event of the Italian partners was held, where IBOX presented how training in the Construction sector has evolved in the last 5 years.