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I-Box Create is a consulting company from Valencia (Spain) created in 2013 and specialized in Strategic Innovation Management for the promotion of the Ecologial Transition in organizations so to fulfill the Agenda 2030.

The company arises as a result from the extensive staff experience –that had been working in research centres and private companies from the past 15 years– when they realized that the consulting R&D services in current market did not achieve the necessary expertise for the activities development. One of the main handicaps of the consulting companies is the lack of staff research experience, which is mainly focused in Coordination and Management, without experience in the participation in the projects as technicians.

Against this weakness, I-Box staff has worked in more than 50 regional, national or European innovation projects. We currently work in H2020, MINECO and ERASMUS+ approved own projects and we have achieved the INNOVATE LABEL from the Spanish Ministry. This experience provides I-Box client´s with the highest quality.


Integral innovation service: We evaluate your needs and select the best solutions, search tor the suitable funding programme for your idea and create the consortium, develope the proposals and advise on IP. Thus, we manage the project from submission to justification, apply tax deductions and support to commercialize the results from R&D.


  • Diagnosis of R&D opportunities.
  • Management and processing of files for the application for aid and grants at regional, national, and European level.
  • Finding partners for the creation of a strategic consortium.
  • Comprehensive management of approved projects, at national and European level.
  • Tax Incentives (Tax Deductions for R&D, Training Bonuses) and Patent Box.


  • R&D Project management
  • Creation and development of R&D Teams
  • EU Grants
  • Creativity Tools: Design Thinking, Agile, etc
  • Internationalization Strategies,
  • Entrepreneurship

R&D Event management

  • Management support
  • Search for speakers
  • Logistics management: select the best place four you, catering, hotels, etc.
  • Marketing: Design and image of the event, advertising, communication and marketing campaign- social media campaign, email marketing, etc.


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Latest news

The AGILE4CIRC project has carried out the national and European piloting with great success

NATIONAL PILOT Due to the current pandemic, the AGILE4CIRC project has had to postpone or modify some of the actions planned to be carried out. Perhaps the most important for the project has been the implementation of the methodology developed by the consortium, since...

IBOX gets involved in Digitalization projects

From past February, IBOX has started several projects approved in the extraordinary call of the ERASMUS + program focused on Digitization. Thus, we have started 2BDIGITAL, LET'S DIGITAL and START. 1) The project «2B-DIGITAL: Digital competences for a successful...

The R&D eLearning course from eRD project is ready

It started in September 2018 and will end this August 2021, after a 12-month extension due to the current global health situation. During this time, the associates have worked intensively to create the content of a very powerful R&D eLearning course, aimed at...

June is #WECAN month! Get ready to be coached!

👩‍🔧👩‍🎨👩‍💻 Starting a business alone is hard, right? Well… it can be. With the right direction and guidance, however, it’s not as difficult as one might think!🤩 Especially because the #WECAN Coaching program will be running during the entire month of June🎉👯‍♀️🎊 WECAN...

LAB4GE, a project to promote gender equality

The LAB4GE project is a 32-month project whose objective is to learn about good practices in gender equality in the different participating countries, Hungary, Spain, UK, Italy, Romania and Denmark. The consortium has had to postpone visits to other countries due to...

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