Design, Development, Implementation and Assessment of Skill Formation Process in the Frame of VET for R&D Staff (2018-1-TR01-KA202-059252)

This Project is focused on supporting people doing R&D&I by providing them a training course based on the knowledge and competences most important within R&D&i environments. Most of times, we tend to relate R&D projects only with engineers and scientits, but there are many other profiles involved on R&D projects, developing key roles for the projects’ success. In this sense, workers with a medium educational level are considered to have a key function in the R&D&I process, being usually those responsible of applying innovations. Thus, the project aim is to provide learning tools to the staff involved in R&D activities, being the final product of the project a R&D and innovation e-platform and e-learning software, where people will have free access to the course aimed at training on these topics.

Among others, the partnership not only detected knowledge gaps and among technical and administrative staff working in R&D environments, but also between the people doing R&D, these are engineers, scientists and even PhD candidates. 

The er-D is coordinated by the Gaziantep University (TK), and will be run in cooperation with other 5 partners: Istanbul Univeristy (TK), MAN (TK), Target (TK), Viteco (IT) and IBOX (ES).

The project has been funded with a total grant of 187,208.00€, and is expected to finish on August 2020. For more information please consult the Project Website.


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