The first projects financed by the EU of I-BOX were in 2015. It was not the initial idea to dedicate ourselves to Social Innovation, but rather to be a consulting and engineering company. A part of I-BOX remained in this sense, but the bulk of the work was carried away to work with women entrepreneurs, neurodiverse people, methodologies to work towards reducing climate change or tools to promote gender equality.

Projects like eRD, CRANE 4.0, SHIELD or especially ENDURCRETE maintained the spirit of industrial innovation in the Construction and Renewable Energy sectors. But the bulk of IBOX’s projects in these 8 years of work have been more focused on Social Innovation, putting people and the environment at the forefront.

Today we are proud to announce that several of our projects have been selected as Good Practices within the ERASMUS+ program:

  • The Spanish National Agency SEPIE recognized us with the projects CRAYONS y WOMCA;
  • the Turkish National Agency with eRD,
  • the French National Agency with WECAN and
  • recently the Luxembourg National Agency with the project AGILE4CIRC.

This distinction is reserved for Projects that have been managed with higher standards than the rest and therefore the results have been excellent, being an example for other institutions. Thanks to all the people who made it possible to get here.