Digital training methods to support business learning for migrant women

The Let’s Digital project has been funded by the Erasmus plus project of the European Commission. I-Box will participate in the project contributing its experience in business training and digitization of the learning environment.

The Context

Surveys among SMEs in OECD countries confirmed that more than 50% of SMEs lost significant income and were at risk of bankruptcy in the first three months of the COVID-19 crisis (OECD, 2020 [66 ]). This crisis implies that gender gaps in employment make women more vulnerable than men to job loss. These fears were particularly acute considering that a large number of migrant workers continue to work in “informal jobs”, jobs that are often unregistered and generally lack basic social or legal protection and employment benefits (OECD / ILO, 2019 [28]).

Entrepreneurship learning can improve the labor participation of migrant women in the European labor market. Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the EU economy and society as a driver of innovation and job creation (OECD / EU, 2017). Unfortunately, access to self-employment for migrant women still faces major obstacles. Intra / business skills are significantly valuable to them due to their impact on working conditions and skill requirements .

During the COVID pandemic crisis, VET trainers and educators experienced difficulties reaching migrant women in their homes . Family and home care duties, the absence of adequate space to concentrate or simply the lack of a laptop, make it unbearable for many migrant women to continue their training courses. For VET trainers, the COVID pandemic has created major obstacles for migrant women to engage in distance learning. The training sector had to abruptly anticipate and adapt to a new reality. Online environments such as using WhatsApp or more elaborate IT learning platforms are being created for the delivery and replacement of the traditional classroom. Too often, training courses have simply been transferred without adapting to the new delivery model. Therefore, the emergency situation is an opportunity to develop digital skills of both trainers and students / learners.

The goal of the project

Training of trainers is essential for this new system to work and, to this end, Let’s Digital will train VET trainers to develop their ability to deliver distance training . The project aims to better equip professionals who work with migrant women to accompany them on the path to entrepreneurship. In fact, these and these professionals lack the tools to satisfy their needs related to intercultural, communicative or gender aspects that are crucial to provide training adapted to migrant women. A specific challenge many women face is balancing work and increasing responsibilities within the home, including taking care of children (for example, due to the closure of schools in the context of the COVID-19 crisis) .


  • Eurocircle (FR)
  • I-Box Create S.L. (ES)
  • FISPE (FR)
  • Center for Knowledge Management (North Macedonia)
  • Programma Integra (IT)
  • Progestion (ES)

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