Women’s Entrepreneurship CoAches traiNing (2019-1-FR01-KA204-062215)

The 2008 crisis and the austerity measures taken afterwards have caused high unemployment rates in the European economies. Still today the group aged 30-45 is facing the main barriers to (re)enter the labour market. The challenge for these adults out of employment is to generate a new kind of growth that embraces entrepreneurship as a way to create innovative and competitive jobs. In this framework, women’s entrepreneurial activity in Europe has not yet reached its full potential. Generally, women’s enterprises have lower growth expectations and higher rates of discontinuance than men in EU countries. The project aims at enhancing women’s positive perceptions of their skills to start a new business through a coaching journey in which coaches with relevant entrepreneurial experience will explain what it actually takes to be an entrepreneur.

The targeted participants are adult female entrepreneurs with at least one year of relevant experience who are willing to upskill and upgrade themselves and become coaches of other peers.

WECAN increases equality education provision to adult women out of employment thanks to an innovative coaching programme that equips new coaches with updated and relevant methods and tools to support, empower and encourage female entrepreneurial activity.

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Within the framework of the project, the partners have developed:

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The project ended in November 2021 and was funded by the Erasmus Plus Program of the European Commission.


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