Development of non-formal training for Mentors to boost the creativity spirit of women to start Social Entrepreneurship.

WOMCA focus on Youth Women Educators, age 25-35, to be the mentors of future Youth Women Social Entrepreneurs as there is a need to strengthen youth’s presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

WOMCA developed a program for trainers on Entrepreneurship based on present and future market requirements for Social Entrepreneur teachers from a different point of view, as focuses on Soft Skills, training educators answering “what skills need to be taught or learned”. Hard Skills were also included in this training program, those related with innovative business models, new financing tools and other new issues.

With this aim, WOMCA partnership is constituted by 5 entities from 4 countries (Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania and Austria).

This unique Methodology integrating the BRICKme methodology , delivers a complete new training and experience for Educators of Social Entrepreneurship.  These educators are the seed to transform Europe in a better place, more social and more innovative environment.


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