LAB4GE – Learn abroad to do better at home for Gender Equality

Social Innovation – ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership

This social innovation project has been approved from the Erasmus+ program with the number 2020-1-HU01-KA204-078745. The purpose of it is to fight against gender inequality. After a careful selection process, we decided that the entities who will be involved in the Strategic Partnerships are: ASSOCIAZIONE SUD (Italy), SC International Internships srl (Romania), Asfar CIC (United Kingdom), I-BOX CREATE (Spain), InterCollege APS (Denmark) with Anthropolis Antropológiai Közhasznú Egyesület (Hungary) as an Applicant Organization.

All the entities mentioned above will work together on achieving the project objectives:

1. To transfer the best practices to counteract gender inequity among adult women: Each has their unique set of tools and knowledge developed for gender inequality counteracting and targeting the environment of their country which we seek to comprehend in order to be able to attend our service users better;

2. To learn best methodologies, methods and tools to empower women entrepreneurship: Our strategic alliance will acquire new tools to empower women entrepreneurship for “Equal Start” and for changing vulnerability (unemployability) in gratitude (micro enterprise);

3. To increase the level of awareness of gender inequality by adult women: We want to raise awareness level of gender inequality among adults of vulnerable groups such as the Romani women, disabled, LGTBQ, immigrants, refugees, elderly etc. 4. To strengthen alliances at the regional, national and European level with entities that fight to counteract gender inequality and to empower women entrepreneurs.

To be able to achieve the goals mentioned above, the Strategic Partnership will carry out the following activities:

– Kick Off meeting online due to the COVID19 situation: to review the work plan and distribute tasks and deadlines among participants;

– Transnational Meeting

– Final Evaluation in Romania: to carry out the final evaluation, having in mind a correct project closure.

– 4 Participatory Visits: hosting organisations will be InterCollege (Denmark), Associazione SUD (Italy), IBOXC (Spain) and Asfar (UK), they have been designed to share best practices, knowledge and tools each of the organisations developed over the years working on counteracting gender inequality and to empower women entrepreneurship with other organisations.

– Course in Hungary for LAB 4 GE: fight against gender inequality and to empower women entrepreneurs hosted by Anthropolis. This has an objective of further sharing and transferring best practices, knowledge and tools gained during Participatory Visits. Transnational meeting and Participatory Visits will be attended by 2 persons from each entity (Project and Dissemination Coordinators), who also will be joining the course in Hungary. The course, additionally, will be attended also by 2 adult trainers and 2 adult learners selected by each organisation. The participants involved in the project will improve their methodologies, broaden horizons, gain new abilities and tools in order to better approach their daily tasks regarding gender equality and empower women entrepreneurship. They will also become more active as European citizens at local, national and international level. Other organisations, adult workers and adults will raise their consciousness level using tools and best practices which has been presented during the course. As to the Strategic Partnership itself, its members will improve their staff skills and will be able to implement the best practices and tools gained in their daily work, significantly raising the level of their services. The participating organisations should also act as multipliers.

As results of LAB4 GE an online catalog of the educational tools learned and a policy commitment for at least 3 other NGOs, companies and/or social enterprises per each partner involved will be published.


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