The project 2BDIGITAL reaches its first year of life and with it we analyze the results obtained. During this time, work has been done on Intellectual Product 1 entitled “Framework of Transversal Competences to learn and work in the new Digital society”. This deliverable has been made from the work carried out with teachers and experts in Vocational Training, students, directors of training centers and other experts in competence frameworks. The results can be downloaded from the project page.

It also highlights the transnational project meeting held in Madrid on October 20 and 21, where we were finally able to meet with the other project partners. This meeting served to finish developing the competency framework and establish some steps for the next steps of the project. On the afternoon of October 20, we were invited to the Madrid Chamber of Commerce to meet the members of the ENTRECOMPedu project, an award-winning project in which encourages teachers to reflect on their skills and how to put them into practice, enhancing their strengths, to improve the quality (and inclusion) of the education system by disseminating entrepreneurial skills among students.


Finally, the first Newsletter of the project is now available, which summarizes the most important characteristics of the project and the actions carried out during its first year of life.