EUROGIA2020 is a bottom-up, industry-led, market-driven programme that addresses all areas of energy mix, renewable energy, energy efficiency and fossil fuel carbon footprint reduction. All innovative project ideas that reduce the carbon footprint in energy production and use can potentially be qualified with the EUROGIA2020 label. This quality label facilitates the access of project ideas to national and regional funds and also to interested clients. Between 2008-2013, 29 transnational projects were labelled, representing nearly 200 million euros. All EUREKA member countries and associated countries can financially support EUROGIA2020 projects. Partners are funded directly by their respective governments, according to national procedures. Proposals are submitted in two phases and there are 4 cut-off dates per year for any phase in which the proposal is submitted. The next cut-off date is 22 September 2014. Projects submitted in the preliminary project (PO) format in this call will be reviewed by EUROGIA’s Technical Committee on 09 October 2014 in Brussels and feedback will be provided to participants to move to the full proposal stage.