After having identified the main requirements related to the learning needs and competencies of crane operators in the new 4.0 industrial setting, the CRANE 4.0 partners have released the Didactic Manual, containing the methodology and the teaching material of the Curriculum.

For what concerns the methodology, the course will be a blend of face-to-face classrooms and Virtual Reality Laboratories.

The contents will include:

1. Teaching material for the face-to-face classrooms divided into modules for a total of 40 hours.
2. Didactic and pedagogical materials for the Virtual Reality Laboratories (VR Labs): through the on-the-job VR-labs, students will interact with the learning scenarios selected by the partners, thus practising the content of the face-to-face sessions in a safe and controlled environment.

The methodology will facilitate mobile crane operations training that is currently very expensive for construction companies and VET centres.