“Let’s Digital – Digital training methods to support migrant women’s entrepreneurial learning” is a European project aimed at equipping professionals working with migrant women with digital skills to improve their ability to offer training activities and other related services through ICT tools. The participating professionals will also acquire knowledge about entrepreneurship to help migrant women define their labor insertion itineraries, as well as transversal skills related to multiculturalism, communication and gender issues to work with them effectively.

As a first result, the Guide for Trainers is now available. The Guide is an educational resource that will serve for the training organization that supports the #professional integration of #migrant #women by teaching them #entrepreneurship through #digital media. The Let’s Digital project guide for trainers is available in different languages ​​(EN, ES, IT, FR and MK ) on the project website.

It is designed to promote the social and professional #integration of migrant women. Thus, the Guide is a valuable tool for training and job placement agencies, service providers and political bodies.

You can download it here.