The Erasmus+ program has granted us a new European project (KA2) with a total grant of 260,590 euros, in which I-Box (Spain) will participate as a partner along with four other partners from Austria, Bulgaria and Greece.

The project DIGI_SETS (Digital Skills Evaluation Tool and Support)´s main objective is to design and implement a digital skills framework for those who want to work in the tourism and retail sector, as well as a toolbox for trainers to measure and improve those skills required for the job. The DIGI_SETS project has a duration of 24 months.

In addition, the project takes into account the current trends of digitalization and automation in an increasing number of sectors of the service industry (which makes digital skills also necessary in non-qualified jobs). There is not only a growing demand for skilled service employees, but also the general level of skills needed for having a fitting profile for current/future job profiles is increased by digitalisation.

Our DIGISETS project wants to develop and test tools in training workshop settings, and later make them available to other stakeholders, education and labour policy and industry actors, as well as other external experts.

Furthermore, in the interest of sustainability, the tools developed within DIGI_SETS will be presented on the Erasmus+ results platform and made available to stakeholders in all EU countries, which will enable future projects to build on the knowledge provided.

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