The next 24th of February at 9:00 AM it will start the infoday for the promotion of the ERASMUS + KA205 IDEANNOVASHIP project. It is held at the University of Valencia, in the Faculty of Economics and there are more than 100 particip already registered. I-Box Create maintains a collaboration in the area of Social Innovation with the Institute POLIBIENESTAR, having organized this information day jointly.
The agenda and the registration of the same can be found in the following link
With a clear orientation to the Young Entrepreneurs, the meeting brings together a group of experts and entrepreneurs in different areas of the Social Economy of Valencia.

The ERASMUS + IDEANNOVASHIP project aims to develop a specific training program for young people based on the skills to promote social entrepreneurship. At the same time, the project w to “train the trainers” so that the training program can be disseminated in different institutions, outside the association. The main objective is to increase the employability of young people in Europe by promoting and creating new social enterprises in the participating countries. More generally, the project aims to help young people overcome their fears and motivate them to be protagonists of their working life.
Last December, the Training of Trainers program was held at the I-BOX facilities in Torrente, with the assistance of 11 teachers from the 6 participating countries. Throughout the second week of December, we share much more than a training, the illusion to work in the formation of new entrepreneurs who contribute their bit for a better world. That is a social enterprise.