I-BOX CREATE focuses part of its strategy on developing corrosion inhibitors based on nanomodified clays especially suitable for reinforced concrete exposed to marine environments. The interlaminar space of the clay is modified with organic compounds at nanoscale together with the inhibitors anions. It is a smart additive because:
> It reacts only when conditions are really prone to corrosion to appear
> It releases the inhibitor in a controlled manner
> It eliminates the aggressive agent
These additives show importadvges. due to their controlled release means that they don’t lose effectiveness over time, increasing the period that damage corrsion takes to appear up to three times. Besides, they don’t have any negative effect on the properties of fresh or hardend concrete.
It is a solid powder product that can be added directly in the concrete mix. Recently, the company has received funding of € 65,291.25 for the proposal “Corroless” from Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness within the State Programme of Business Leadership in R+D+I “Horizonte SMEs” that aims to develop the business plan boosting the market readiness of the product.
I-Box Create S.L. is an SME based in Valencia focused on products, processes and services for the construction sector.