Last Tuesday, November 14th, within the framework of the 1st Congress “València and its economy: a sustainable model is possible”, a presentation was made by representatives of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia on entrepreneurship through Social Innovation.  For this, the company I-Box Create was selected as an example of a Valencian SME that is developing activities and projects in Social Innovation, and specifically in entrepreneurship, especially supporting young people and women in the field of technologies associated with Construction and Renewable energies.

Actualmente IBox participa en los proyectos ERASMUS+ “IDEANNOVASHIP”, “WOMCA” y “SENPOWER”, muy focalizados en promover el emprendimiento social y el desarrollo de la educación no formal, además de realizar con empresas múltiples actividades para fomentar el intraemprendimiento.
There is yet enourmous doubts about what it is and what it is not Social Innovation. Innovation is a process and also a continous attitude, involving the need of solving a social problem. Therefore, an ideation process is need to get different solutions, developing different solutions and chosing at least one of them. After, it is necessary to test the pilot result and redesign it if necessary so to have the final solution to implement. This process is the one that we use at IBox while speaking on providing solutions within Social Innovation.