The AGILE4CIRC project has just been launched with our kick-off meeting last Thursday 26th of September 2019 in AMSTERDAM. The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ program with 234 223,00€
During the meeting, we were able to share ideas in order to achieve our goal of  improving the employability of adults who are not up to date for current demands in the labour market.
AGILE4CIRC project comes as an answer to the complicated situation of the low-skilled or low-qualified adults around Europe. They are facing labour market that has gone under significchanges and discrepancy between the educational offers and market demands, with low levels of qualification and limited ability to create new jobs. Most affected are the people in the range of 30-60, that lost their job and could not find a new one due to the change of the skills required by the market. AGILE4CIRC is addressing those issues with focus on Circular Economy.
AGILE4CIRC objectives are aligned with EU policies in the field of employment fostering sustainable development of the economy, increasing the level of employment, equal opportunities for all, a high degree of economic competitiveness, increased quality of life and economic and social cohesion.
Stay tuned and follow our progress! Please do not hesitate to contact our innovation department for further information.