I-BOX started last September Crsyon’s Project. The main goal of the CRAYON’s project is to develop a training material with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship amongst young students. The training material will integrate new methodologies:
– Motivation 3.0, a recent theory currently used in the USA whose object is generating entrepreneur behaviours fed by intrinsic w (basically it depends on three different driving forces: autonomy, mastery and purpose)
– Creativity (Gamification and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®)
– Innovation
– Entrepreneurship and social responsibility.
It is envisaged that the training is nationally and internationally tested in the form of an Intensive Study Programme and to offer students the opportunity of virtual mentoring of the generated business ideas.
The kick off Meeting took place in Valencia in October and now the partners ar totally involved in developing the tasks of the project and carrying out the first tests about the new methodologies (YouTube Channel Crayons Project).