If we said that some of the biggest entrepreneurs have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) we would talk about relevpeople in the business world such as Steve Jobs (Apple) or Bill Gates (Microsoft). Regarding Dyslexia Ingvar Kamprad (founder IKEA), Richard Branson (Virgin) or Tommy Hilfiger (same brand with his name). Although all of them experienced difficulties in school, it is precisely the fact of thinking differently and the effort of improvement that is the basis of the success of these entrepreneurs.

Thus, entrepreneurship for those with special educational needs (SEN), have different capacities and that is precisely why this difference to the way of thinking should be treated as an advge and not as an impediment. An advge that worked from young adulthood or earlier, can lead to professional success.

With the aim of providing tools to entrepreneurship people with learning disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyslalia, dyscalculia and / or ADHD), the SENPOWER project has been launched under the framework of European funding of the ERASMUS + program.

The project “SENPOWER-Empowering young adult learners with Special Educational Needs” has a budget of 213,374 € and 24 months, will develop a series of work manuals for teachers and students to help entrepreneurs with SEN. In addition, a total of four weeks of training will be carried out throughout the project in the four countries of the participating partners (I-Box Create Spain, Inovacijų biuras Lithuania, Piattaforma Sud Italia y Shipcon Limassol Cyprus) with a duration of 5 days each training. The meeting to start the project was held on Friday, January 19 at the facilities of the Portuguese coordinating partner AEVA-Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro.