A new technology, called BiogasPlus, has been developed by ICN2’s Inorganic Nanoparticles group and by the Solid Organic Waste Composting group at the Engineering School of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The system is based on the use of iron oxide nanoparticles as an additive that ‘feeds’ the bacteria responsible for degrading organic matter. This additive sustainably increases the production of biogas and at the same time transforms the iron nanoparticles into harmless salts.

We believe that we are providing a totally innovative approach to improving biogas production and the treatment of organic waste, as this is the first application of nanoparticles to be developed for this purpose. Furthermore, it provides a significant increase in organic waste degradation compared to existing technologies”.
Compared to today’s production (it converts only 30-40% of organic matter) the product increases the production of this fuel gas by up to 200%.