The WECAN final event in Spain was held in Valencia on July 5th, 2021. Entrepreneurs, coaches, vocational and adult education trainers, Women Entrepreneur Associations representatives and private companies’ representatives participated in the event.

The event was organised as a workshop and the participants were actively involved in the presentation of the project. We managed to network, listen to their experience and feedback on the material we developed. The audience has been engaged in three activities which are part of the second deliverable of the project:

  • ACTIVITY 1: My Inspiration
  • ACTIVITY 2: The motivators
  • Networking

Furthermore, two of the entrepreneurs who participated as guests during the online training told the audience about their experience in the training and as businesswomen. All tools developed within the project were presented and the guests have been invited to navigate the platform and the website.

It was great to discover that what moved male and female entrepreneurs were the same needs: the necessity to have a flexible job that could give them also a sense of ownership and self-reliance.

Participants had the time to reflect on their experiences, share insights and connect. Many ideas were born especially in terms of future collaboration. We managed to gather different professionals with different backgrounds so the exchange of ideas was really powerful and enriching.