I-Box Create has been granted with another Erasmus+ project for YOUTH “ WeGROW: EQ learning for youth” (KA205) under the agreement 2020-3-CY02-KA205-001973 .The project WeGROW has a budget of 148.033 € and 24 months of duration. The partnership is composed of five European partners: I-BOX CREATE (SP) , Seal Cyprus (CY), Inovacijų biuras / Innovation Office (LT), CEFAS (IT), and ADEL Slovakia (SK).

WeGROW is based on a strategic partnership between youth associations, NGOs, and  SMEs devoted to social innovation with a far-reaching network of organisations.Thus, each one of us is commited to support the youth professionals (youth workers, youth trainers, youth leaders, and mentors of young volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps) in their role to ensure the social inclusion of all young people.

With our project we wish to address the need of youth professionals for continuous professional development with a focus on competences to support the development of the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the social skills of young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEETs. Additionally, we wish to create non-formal tools and methods that are attractive to the aforementioned young people who are often feeling uncomfortable in formal settings.

To achieve this we have defined the following objectives:

(1) Increase the skills of Youth Workers and update their methodologies so as to better support young people with fewer opportunities to improve their Emotional Intelligence including social skills, adaptability, stress management and general attitude.

(2) Help young people with low school performance, early school leavers, and/ or NEET to develop basic and transversal cognitive, and especially emotional and social skills, using innovative approaches.

(3) Provide youth organisations with a structured coaching programme

(4) Raise the impact of Youth Work by creating an open European e-platform for best practices and creation of awareness on EQ at European level through innovative content.

Stay tuned for more information!!

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