We have started the year 2020 with a wide variety of activities concerning the ENDURCRETE project, a research project supported by the European Commission under the “Horizon 2020” programme for Research and Innovation (called H2020-NMBP-2017-two-stage) which started in 2018.

Ibox is finishing the WP6 for the development of our product CORROLESS, which will be tested in real work in the marine environment in the next months.

At the beginning of February, our colleague Jesús Bolinches participated in the international event CERAMICA INNOVA, to network and connect companies and organizations in the HABITAT, CONSTRUCTION, ARCHITECTURE and CERAMICS SECTORS. The European project and our services were presented at the event.

Our colleague also had the pleasure of attending the Brokerage Event coordinated by REDIT (Valencia) where he was able to share ideas with companies in the sector and research centres, intending to find synergies for future collaborations in our area of expertise: R&D

On the other hand, that same week, on February 5th and 6th, we also had the pleasure of participating in the 5th meeting of the ENDURCRETE project with the assistance of our innovation director Margarita Lecha and Manuel Lloris – Director of the CIAC foundation, which took place in Athens.

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