From past February, IBOX has started several projects approved in the extraordinary call of the ERASMUS + program focused on Digitization. Thus, we have started 2BDIGITAL, LET’S DIGITAL and START.

1) The project «2B-DIGITAL: Digital competences for a successful adaptation and engagement to on-line VET teaching and learning» (2020-1-ES01-KA226-VET-096090) is coordinated by the Spanish NGO Fundación Acción Contra el Hambre . The approved budget is € 192,077.00, participating as strategic partners IBOX (Spain), BANTANI EDUCATION (Belgium), VALSTS IZGLITIBAS SATURA CENTRS (Latvia) and AGENCIJA ZA STRUKOVNO OBRAZOVANJE I OBRAZOVANJE ODRASLIH (Croatia).

The project aims to support the effective digital teaching and learning experience of VET teachers and students, especially those at risk of school dropout and early dropout, adapting to the digital transition, magnified by COVID-19, in an attempt to avoid increasing inequalities in education and its consequent drift towards unemployment and youth exclusion. 2BDIGITAL will foster teachers’ digital pedagogical competencies to boost student engagement when learning online. Thus, the ultimate goal of 2BDigital is to train teachers from all over Europe to implement and incorporate an innovative online teaching and assessment methodology, which will allow VET students to promote their transversal and digital skills. More information


2) The project “START – Sustainable Tools for engaging young people with the ARTS” (2020-1-FR02-KA227-YOU-018651) is coordinated by the also French Etudes et Chantiers Corsica and has been financed by € 146,624.00 . The START project aims to develop innovative digital tools and methods to increase the capacity, knowledge and skills of young workers, teachers, educators and training professionals. For IBOX it is a challenge because it is a new but very necessary field for the training activities that we develop in an increasingly digitized world and through which we will learn new skills and then be able to offer them to our clients.

In addition to the coordinator and IBOX, other participants are ASOCIACIJA TAVO EUROPA (Lithuania), TATICS GROUP SRL (Italy) and ENOROS CONSULTING LIMITED (Cyprus).

The project will work on different types of digital art:

Literature (poetry, drama, short story)
Visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts, sculpture, modeling)
Digital media art (video, photography)
Concept art and public art
Performing arts (theater, dance, music)

The main role of IBOX will be developed in the Intellectual Output 3 coordinating a methodology to create the «STARTathon», an entrepreneurship event in this sector.


3) Finally, at the beginning of June we started the project “LET’S DIGITAL – Digital training methods to support migrant women entrepreneurial learning” coordinated by the French organization EUROCIRCLE. It will end on May 31, 2023 and for this it has financing of € 290,299.00. Other participating partners are the Center for Knowledge Management (Macedonia), PROGESTION (Spain), PROGRAMMA INTEGRA SOCIETA COOPERATIVA SOCIALE (Italy) and FRANCAIS POUR L’INSERTION SOCIALE ET PROFESSIONNELLE EN EUROPE (France). The project arises when, during the current COVID crisis, unemployment rates skyrocket among women and especially migrant women. IBOX has been working on entrepreneurship projects since 2015, having specialized in female entrepreneurship, so we will bring our experience to this sector.

The project aims to better equip professionals who work with migrant women to accompany them on the path to entrepreneurship. In fact, these professionals lack the tools to meet their needs related to intercultural, communicative or gender aspects that are crucial to provide training adapted to migrant women. The actions of the project will address all the main causes that impede the entrepreneurial activity of migrant women in the participating country, namely the lack of mentoring and a network of support, self-confidence and awareness.

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