On November 10th, the final event of the Horizon 2020 project was held via webinar with the title ENDURCRETE , where IBOX are participating partners . The event was intended to publicize the results of almost 4 years of work (the project ends 12/31/2021).

More than 100 organizations from all over Europe were connected to the event and were able to see first-hand both the generalities of the project and the results of the first 6 months in real work of the products tested. The event can be watched again through the project’s YouTube channel at the following link .

ENDURCRETE Final Event dissemination

IBOX introduced its proprietary CORROLESS anti-corrosion nanoclay technology. The product is being tested on concrete panels arranged in the port of Gijón, placed since June. Although, and as expected, initially the results are not remarkable, as time passes the results appear, increasing the permeability to chlorides, resulting in a technology to take into account to avoid the corrosion of structures in a maritime environment -port.

Presentation of CORROLESS technology by IBOX

The EnDurCrete concept is based on the following novel technologies and tools

  • Novel cement: by including high quality and sustainable supplemental cementitious materials (sorted coal combustion fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag),
  • new fillers smart based on nano-modified clays, for anticorrosive properties and based on microcarbon-based materials for mechanical and autodetectable properties,
  • advanced tools and procedures for continuous non-destructive control and testing,
  • new multifunctional coatings that allow the self-healing of concrete based on resin microencapsulation and protect both the concrete and the rods from aggressive agents.
  • multifunctional non-metallic concrete reinforcement systems, based in technical textiles integrated with fiber optic sensors, which allow both structural reinforcement and continuous monitoring of structural health,
  • experimental approach and c omputational coupled for theoretical and experimental understanding of the factors that affect durability.