During the third face-to-face meeting in Athens, the consortium refined the interconnection between the competency framework (IO1), the online assessment tool (IO2) and the trainer’s manual (IO3).

The project partners met in Athens on May 25 and 26 2022 for the third meeting face-to-face. In addition to the general discussion on the progress of the project, the partners used the opportunity for intensive discussions and fine-tuning of the project deliverables, such as the competency framework (IO1), which is currently used to provide content for the online assessment tool. (IO2). The software tool was presented in depth and will continue to be developed until the summer.

Another main item on the agenda was the summary and joint review of the preparation and conceptual work for IO3. This manual for trainers will guide VET practitioners on how to use assessment frameworks and tools when working with low-skilled people working in the tourism or retail sector.