The 18th July 2017 a five hours workshop for HEI Teachers was organized in Valencia, Spain, with the aim of disseminating the CRAYON’s Training Materials. This included development of the methodology plus the training course (O1, O2) and the MOOC explanation.
This dissemination workshop was a good option for project activities dissemination in order to gather as much information as possible about the CRAYON’s Training Course development from the participant teachers. The workshop was not just informative, but the particip contributed in the training course development throughout real testing of the methodology and commenting.
The event started with the presentation of the objectives, partnership, main activities and results of the project. Each participdescribed their experience working with HEI students and some make the comparison with Youth in general. The facilitator explained the planned agenda and after a short presentation on the Motivation methodology by the teacher from University of Valencia, HEI teachers were invited to play with the Lego®
Particip developed their model of a Social Company and then it was developed a Canvas Business model you to solve a selected problem. They all showed enthusiastic with the outcomes and easyness of the process.
CRAYONs is a Methodology, Training and MOOC course that helps developing from scratch a business model to start entrepreneurship.