I-box is implementing another ERASMUS+ project supported by the European commission! All partners were in Valencia at the 2nd Transnational Project meeting for the project e-RD – in the frame of VET for R&D staff on the 28th and 29th of November.

The main aim of the project is to implement transnational activities and collaborations which are focusing on supporting and developing R&D and innovation based vocational training of the engineers in both EU and Turkey. The creation of an expanded international joint vocational training curriculum, the development of ICT-based innovative, effective and sustainable tools (the development and implementation of the e-learning tool and the e-platform), as well as a skill-formation certification which is planned to be given at international level and added into higher education curricula can be counted as the main objectives of our project.

The foreseen number of total participants is a thousand personnel who are graduates of engineering and fundamental sciences departments and working in industrial companies, especially in R&D centers. It is also planned to reach university students who are interested in R&D and innovation at earlier stages of their education.

As we already mentioned the duration of the project is twenty-four (24) months and is expected to end on August 2020.

Our project partners are Istanbul Univeristy (TK), MAN (TK), Target (TK), Viteco (IT) and IBOX (ES), being coordinated by Gaziantep University (TK).

To mention the results, e-learning program will contribute to accumulation of knowledge and technological development at both national and international levels by its content and accessibility.

The e-learning program will allow even a person at the very beginning of her/his education to have the opportunity to self-train and acquire new skills in R&D and innovation. If you want to know the latest news about it check the project´s website: https://e-rd.org/